THE DOG WHO SAVED EASTER(2014) easter movies



The Bannister family goes on vacation over Easter, but unfortunately, Zeus doesn’t get to accompany, and finally ends up at doggy daycare for the weekend. During his stay, a criminal comes in and tries to wreck the business—but the fearless pup steps in to save lots of the this is one of the best movie to watch on easter .easter movies 2020

RISEN(2016) easter movies

Set in 33 A.D., a Roman man is given an assignment which will change his life—and the world—forever: find the body of Jesus.


Pieces of Easter (2013) easter movies

Trying to travel home for the vacation, Alza Reese Bennett finally ends up being stranded due to some car troubles. the sole person around to assist her out may be a farmer named Lincoln James who prefers to stay to himself. Together, they kicked off on an adventure to induce Alza to her family by Easter.



Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade (1948)



A love triangle between dancers culminates in an exceedingly proposal at the Easter parade during this box-office smash musical.


Hop (2011)
The Easter bunny’s son, voiced by Russell Brand, is all grown up and pursuing a rock ‘n’ roll career in Hollywood during this comical coming-of-age tale


It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)


The Peanuts crew is back together for one more holiday during this animated TV short. patty and Marcie attempt the art of decorating Easter eggs, while Snoopy searches for a replacement home for Woodstock.

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

Based on the Broadway play with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, this concept album details Jesus Christ’s last week on earth. Despite its tough subject material, this dramatic retelling is rated G

‘Veggie Tales: ‘Twas the Night before Easter’ (2011)

In Crispy County, local cable news reporter Marlee Meade organizes a play to save lots of an old theatre. the sole thing missing? The star of the show! Star singer Cassie Cassava is working at her hometown church’s Easter service, and Marlee decides she would be the proper lead in her play. She tries to steal her, perhaps for an instant forgetting what the aim of Easter truly is.

Peter Rabbit (2018) easter movies


A modern tackle Beatrix Potter’s 1902 Tale of Peter Rabbit, the movie Peter Rabbit (out Feb. 9) isn’t specifically about Easter, though it does fit several of the holiday’s themes, including mischievous rabbits and blooming gardens.

Hank and Mike’ (2008) easter movies

After a series of cutbacks at their multi-national corporation, Hank and Mike are the primary to travel. Though their gig delivering Easter baskets to family only passed once a year, it absolutely was meaningful to them and their friendship, which they soon discover after the lay-offs. After battling debt, depression, and a few obstacles in their friendship, they realize what proportion their one-a-year job — and every other — means to them.

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